Thursday, August 04, 2005

I believe this to be a Greater Blue-Earred Starling. (Shot at Kruger Park)

street vendors along side the highway coming down into the Low Veld to the Kruger Park.

A busy street corner, everyday life.

Road side school

Wine bottles long forgoten on a windowsil in a wine tasting cellar. Somewhere out of Stellenbosch (I know I must have spelled that wrong)

Have you ever seen a clear winged butterfly? Yep, they do exist... We found these in an off road butterfly park about an hour out of Capetown

UPDATE: 8/5/05 The Oregon Zoo has a butterfly exhibit with these butterflies in it! They call them "Costa Rica Clearwings" It's wonderful, and well worth the extra admission to stop in and see all the butterflies. Although they were listed on the board as being there, we didn't actually SEE any of these flying around or on bushes. :( The person there said they were having some troubles with them in the exibit.

A croc waits by the shoreline in a Zulu village near Durban

Klipspringers stretch in the early morning light at Kruger Nat'l Park. These little guys are less than 2 feet tall, I almost missed seeing them standing right there!

A young baboon sits contemplating the sunset in Kruger Nat'l Park

A nectar bird sips from the blooming aloe at our bed and brekfast stay near Ado Elephant Park

Zulu women walking home

Dusk from the roadside

Informal camps out of J-Berg


Zulu Witch Doctor




Kudu Females

A Mother and Baby hippo playing

Zulu Dancers


Zulu dancer

Zulu Dancer

Zulu Dancer

A Zulu Maiden

Smiling Croc


Wine Country

Wine country

Cape Town Somewhere

Table Mt

Table Mt over the cape


Wildebeast in the rutt

herd of Waterbok




Spider's Nest (this sucker was over 6 feet tall!)


Big tree



Impala with Oxpecker

Ibis (Ha-dee-daah)


Baobab tree trunk


Now this is the life!